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Professional Deep Cleaning Vehicle Tool Portable cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with 100ml dust cup capacity, The vacuum can reach anywhere, Clean the dust in the keyboard and drawer , clean the corner for your car , clean pet hair in your house, reduce the hassle when clean kitchen.

High TechnologyUSB Rechargeable, fast charging technology, Built-in 2000Amhx2 cells battery, 2H±0.5H Quick fully Charge and it can give you around 20 minutes of continuous working time. Low decibels and low noise.

Powerful suction Despite a small size, the vacuum cleaner boasts up to 6000 pa of suction , Provides strong suction to clear your car of dust, hair and other debris easily. (Better for cleaning particles or dust less than 10mm).

Improved HEPA FilterThe advanced HEPA-Filter system which is more effective than other filters. Wash after using for longer service life. HEPA filter can be cleaned with small brush and washed with water

Innovative DesignModern Luxury Design Looking, lightweight, mini size with a LED light .The hand held vacuum is equipped with brush and flat nozzle. It can be easily carried between your car, office, and home. 100% all corners covered 

100% SafeDesigned with multiple protections: Microcomputer control, full indicator, short circuit protection, temperature protection, input voltage protection and input current protection, ensures an ultimate safety charging environment.

Better Warranty ServiceSupport 30-day money back/replacement guarantee and 12-month manufacturing warranty


User Tips:

  1. Please charge the vacuum for 3-4 hours before you use it. ( until green light not flash anymore).
  2. About power On/Off use: Press the button for 5-6 seconds to start the vacuum cleaner, Press the button 1 second to turn off the power.
  3. The mini vacuum cleaner should be cleaned in time when there is full of dirty on the filter. Highly recommend to clean vacuum cleaner filter at least twice in a month.



  1. Not use in wet place, because water might penetrate into the charging port, and damage product
  2. Do not charge or store in a place below 0°C or above 40°C. Otherwise it will cause the product performance to decrease
  3.  During charging, the temperature of the charger rises, which is a normal phenomenon, please do not worry.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Car, Office House Corners, Cordless Washable Filter