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3H-820HP Spine Acupressure Massage Thermal Bed help solve lots problem.
3H Spine Acupressure Massage Thermal Bed 

Gained 5 Patents & South Korea President Prize

  • Relief Spine Related Pains, such as Neck Shoulder Back Waist, Spinal Disc Herniation, Lumbar Scoliosis, Sciatica, Muscle Pain Stiffness etc

  •  Stress Relaxation, Reduce Insomnia, headache, or migraine

  • Diagnose inner organ functions & meridian blockage

3H Bed Can Also Detect Organs Defection:


When rod moved to a part of spine and you feel pain, check the controller figure on right top corner, (if it show 10 as picture), go to the chart named Spinal Cord & Heating Rods, you will find which organ not in good condition.( 10 means your Adrenal Gland is week).


Many people feel pain on 17,18, which connect with Hip Bone, Buttocks and Rectum, Anus, perhaps they have constipation, haemorrhoids. They think it is rods elevating the buttocks and causing pain, actually it is because the buttocks muscles are too stiff. Healthy people can lift higher and even bend backwards.

Pains Caused by Energy Blockage, not rods lift bent
Electrical Rods Up & Down 20 cm Do Acupressure
Electrical Rods 3 Parts: Shoulder, Back, Waist Acupressure
Special Mine Heated Matress
Remove Control with Location Index
Pain Points Match Organs Chart

Remote Controller

Not everyone suitable using 3H bed, please click to check Who and How to use the massage bed.

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