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Welcome to Keco Food Restaurant Which Offer Health Food For Public
Tel: 020 7283 5421 Email:, 8 Botolph Alley, EC3R 8D
Delicious, healthy, and affordable

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Good News! if you go to our restaurant to order dinner, you can get free rice! 
i.e. For main dish meal box, any chicken or pork meal is £8.5, any vag meal is £8.0, any beef or prawn meal is £9.0!
Introduce of Keco Food

We believe after 5,000 years of selection through human history, only the best food survives, among them Chinese cuisine is probably the most popular in the world. Opening in November 2022, our Keco Food restaurant is dedicated to promoting traditional Chinese food cooking methods in western society.


Different from other restaurants that add a lot of condiments and constantly stimulate people's taste buds, Keco Restaurant emphasizes on maintaining the original taste of each food.


Our dishes maintain the mellow, mild and peaceful feeling of traditional Chinese cuisine. You may not feel special when you eat it for the first time. What, but the more you eat, the more you love to eat, because we have melted the concepts and techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Preservation into the ingredients and cooking techniques, which are very beneficial to human health.


Chinese friends who work in the The City of London call us "the canteen of London office workers". "Delicious, healthy, and affordable" are the three characteristics of us, we hope providing more Traditional Chinese food to western public.

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We sit between London Fire Monument  and Sky Garden. From sky garden, cross the big Cross, keep go down hill 30 m, on your left there are stairs of Botolph Alley, then you can see our smile face light box!

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If you visit The Gherkin, walk 8 min will arrive our buffet restaurant. 

Nearby underground station: Monument, Bank, Tower hill, Aldgate, Cannon street, Fenchurch Street

Map Keco to Gherkin 8 min walk, bank, monument, tower hill, Aldgate, cannon street, Fenchu
Keco Food Restaurant, 8 Botolph Alley, EC3R 8DR
Keco sound similar with Delicious 可口 in Chinese,
we aim to offer the best Traditional Chinese Food to public.

Why Chinese food has more flavor?


Look at the video, you will find 

Even the simplest meal: Fried noodles 

The chef continuously waved his two arms for 60 times!

While the iron frying pan weigh over 4 kg.

The fire flame often ascends above the wok

like play fire magic!

Even a strong man after 3 years training on cooking 

After one day 5- 6 hours work in Chinese Kitchen,

He would feel exhausted


When multiple food materials meet in oil and flame

Via natural chemical reactions in high temperature

They can product many new fragrant materials 

To make Chinese meal taste with more flavours


Please enjoy your Chinese meal more,

Because more efforts and more fragrant inside!

2, Chinese Lunch Box (Monday - Friday, 12:00-15:00)

We are the only 4 dishes 1 soup 1 rice lunch box restaurant in City of London, you can choose different dishes to fill the box.

M size £7.99 for whole package. Large size £10.5

Please go to food/ or 小紅書 to see our daily menu one day in advance! 

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3, Group Order, Company Party
Following is a menu for a small company party, each item has 25 pieces in the tray. 
Each person only spent several pounds, then have an unforgettable beautiful group memory!
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4, Choose own dish with Rice 自己點菜(帶米飯)

Please chose Main Meal, all staple Base are Boiled Rice

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5, Special Chinese Dishes & Health Benefits
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A, Starter 配菜- 開胃菜

B, Fried Noodles 炒麵    

List price for noodle, For Ho Fun, price increase  £1