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Nails Bar,  Food & Bubble Tea Takeaway In Hall

Chinese Medicine Acupuncture  Acupressure in Back

Massage Therapy & Beauty in Basement

1 .Vietnam Nails Bar ( Manicure & Pedicure)

Nails Manicure
Nails Pedicure

2 .Food/Bubble Tea Takeaway & Supermarket

3. TCM Acupuncture & Acupresure Massage 

There are 3 rooms for Chinese Acupuncture Clinic and Acupuncture Meridian Physiotherapy Massage.

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      1, Increase immunity & Energy after COVID: 15min, £20
      2, Relief Shoulder Pain, 20min, £25.
      3, Relief Sciatica/Waist Pain,30min, £35
      4, Head & Feet Massage, 30min, £35
      5, Calf and Reflexology Massage, 30min, £35
      6, Whole Body Massage: 60min, £


B*Acupuncture and Cupping 針灸火罐

  • Acupuncture £65/ 60min

  • Hot Cupping £20/15min

  • Acupuncture & Massage £65/ 60min

      A, 3 Body Character Tests

      B, Detox Veg Juice.

      C, Food to Increase Probiotics

      D, Chinese Herbal Medicines

      E. Meditation & Self Massage

      F, Recommend Diet Meals

It is important to pay attention on facial beauty. Statistics find: no matter man or woman, better looking will bring you 5%-10% salary increase.


We use modernised fermented herbal products and massage skills to help you quickly Reduce Wrinkles/Double Chin /Neck Hump, Remove Eye Bags/All Kinds of Dark Spots/Decree Lines, Uplift & Slim faces, Brighten eyes etc. let you look 3-8 years younger.

4. Thai Massage in Basement

Basement Massage Room 2
Basement Massage Room 1

5. Laser Facial Beauty Treatment 

Super Skin Room
Facial Beauty Price List
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