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Magic Unitein Patented South Korea toothpaste for receding gum




  • Repair gingival cells & Grow gum
  • Treat gum disease & tooth decay
  • Reduce sensitive of gum & teeth
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Strengthen gums
  • Remove tartar


Main Ingredients:


Myrrh: Excellent for Anti-bacteria and Skin-care

Mastic: Excellent for Dental Care and Digestion Organs

Unitein: Excellent for Anti-cancer, Anti-bacteria, Immunity Reinforcement

Bamboo-Salt: Excellent for Anti-bacteria

Prestigious Traditional Natural Ingredients from the East and the West

100% natural product, no chemicals


History & Effect of main components


1. Unitein 神通 which made of 3 traditional medicines


Unitein is patent related product made of fermenting 3 ingredients:

1,traditional 9-Times-Steamed-and-Dried Red-Ginseng, which is very rare to find even in Korea due to knowhow and cost issues; fermented soybeans, which is also traditional well known health food in Korea;

3, dried tangerine peel, which has been used as a traditional medicine in Korea and China.

The final product of the 3 ingredients is Unitein, whose amazing effect of restoring cancer cells into normal cells was broadcast by major Korean TV news and programs.


2. Mystic Myrrh from Greek Mythology


Myrrh originates from Greek Mythology. It is resin from Myrrh trees. Myrrh was known as prestigious medicine in the ancient West, and used as medicine in the East too. It is especially good for skin care and arthritis and immunity improvement, helping for dental care, with other effects.


3. Mastic in the Bible


Mastic is resin from Mastic trees growing only in Chios Island in Greece. Mastic with myrrh are well known as gifts for the birth of Jesus Christ by the Three Biblical Magus, which were mastic, myrrh, and gold. Mastic has been used for dental care from ancient Europe, and excellent for eliminating Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which is a major cause of stomach diseases, and stomach cancer.


Safe and Healthy for Kids and Pregnant Ladies


Generally toothpaste is required to have cautions due to chemicals unhealthy for the human body. However, Our Myrrhacle Toothpaste does not have such cautions, because 99.3% components are from natural.


Also, as it is eco-friendly help to protect the nature. No Unhealthy Chemicals such as No Paraben, No Triclosan, No Chemical Surfactant, No Fluoride, No Saccharine, No Artificial Fragrance, No Artificial Color


How to use


1, Use 3 times after meal a day. You can use your normal toothpaste first, then use this eatable herbal toothpaste to brush & massage gum, you can even put little on gum for sleep.


2, Every time scrub teeth and gums gently at least 2 minutes.


3, It is safe to keep it on gum. even you swallow it, they are 100% natural products, no harm to body health.


4, Continue use 1-2 weeks, you will find good change happend on your gum


Weight100 g a tube


Origin:South Korea


Expired Date:


3 years after the produce date on bottom of package.




We give you free first class tracking delivery, due to it is parcel, normal postage would be 3.99 pound


You will receive in 1-2 days in UK, 3-15 days outside UK.


Grow Gum Toothpaste, Repair Gingival Cells, Fix Tooth Again

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