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Heating plastic material to let them melt from solid to half-fluid. Use the fluid as INK to draw. When fluid temperature drop down, they will change to solid again. if you repeat draw a line, it will accumulate into a 3D item, using this way you can draw out (make out) any 3D products from your imagination, such as car, airplane, Alien etc.



Unique 3D Pen- Equipped with LCD screen which displays both the filament type and the printing temperature. The Pen also features a speed function designed for optimal speed control - whether slower intricate projects or faster infill work. The printing temperature can be adjusted by pressing the buttons above or below the LCD screen. 


Dual Filament Compatible- Can accommodate two filament types: PLA (160-210°C, 320-410°F) or ABS (210-235°C, 410-455°F). Eco-friendly PLA Filament is better than ABS. 12 colour PLA filament is included in the package.


Ready-to-Use Kit- This kit includes everything for drawing: 3D printing pen*1, power adapter*1, user manual*1, stencil book*1, PLA filament 3M *12(random colour), with exquisite gift box packaging. The 3D pen can be charged by USD for mobile power bank, computer, laptop, which makes it easier for you to draw indoors and outdoors. (Make sure the current is 5V/2A)