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  • Fourfold collagen to fill up wrinkles  & increase elasticity
  • High techlogy let collagen penetrate into all skin layers
  • Provided nutrition to increase elasticity
  • Let skin become more delicate and smooth
  • Let you looks like young people


Kit including 4 products:


1, Set Up Toner

2, Fill Up Ampoule

3, Fill Up Emulsion

4, Effect Up Cream




How to use:

A: If you have airbrush,  (for example the pink kit  in picture, which is lowest price at 25 pound, others are about 50 pound), it can effectively reduce the amount of serum.


1, According to your face situation, add 3-10 drops of PQ10 Revital PINUX Serum to the plastic bucket, you can also add 5-10 drops water to help spray on whole face.

2, Switch on the airbrush machine, to spray on face, more on winkle or sunken places.

3, Wait 5 min for spray to dry.

4, Add moisturen on face 

5,  Massage with electric roll massager for 10-20 min. please follow the pictures move directions.


B, If you do not have airbrush:

1,  use the eyedropper to pour on the entire face or area where it needs, such as winkles, acne marks etc.

2, tap it wiht hands to increase absorbtion.

( Comparing with A, you have to use more Pinux Serum, especially if you have dull and dark skin.)


Please remember


Aging is inevitable, so anti-aging require us to cotinue put efforts on face. It is better use every day, at least once a week.


48 Lab Series Collagen to Fill Wrinkles & Delicate Lift Up Skin

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