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Heating Pad Electric Massage Shawl for Increasing Immunity & Relief Pain & Relax Body, 60 x90 cm


Human being’s normal body temperature should be 36.537.1°C, but those of many old people or weak persons have lower than 36.5CScientists find: Increasing 1°C One degree body temperature, can increase 5 times more immunity!


Beside movement can increase body temperature, another easy, safe & convenience way is using Electrical Heating and Massage Shawl which increase blood circulation and relax body.



  • Fast increase blood circulation and metabolism
  • Increase immunity for 4 seasons
  • Recover Strained Muscle: reduce inflammation and painful cramps
  • Relief pain on sore legs, stiff neck or put on shoulder or back and let the heat penetrate muscles within 30 seconds.



  • Rapid heating: temperature rises quickly evenly distributed within 30 seconds, 
  • Multiple mode settings to choose 10 levels of temperature, and 10-90 minutes times. Normal temperature range is from 40℃ to 60℃(104℉to140℉).
  • Automatically shut down after the timer expires. Overheating protection function provides highest temperature is 70°C. very safe
  • PTC heating wire design can keep constant temperature, saving electricity power and durable for years uses.
  • Comfortable: high-quality double-layer flannel design, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable to use.
  •  Washable: Remove the controller power cord, roll up the pad, put in wash machine, set below 30 ° C. Do not wash when it is heat, and not too frequently.
  • Large size can cover back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, and arms. 
  • 2.7m long power cord is convenient in every corner of room.
  • Best gift for parents, family and friends.


How to use:

Daily Use to increase immunity:  wear thin clothing, then put on this shawl on shoulder, use straps to tie around waist. sit on desk or sofa, continue to do your work. You can use it both in winter and summer with different heating level and heating times.


Press On the controller, then press the upper button to choose heating level. you can start from level 1, for 5 mins, if you feel it is not warm enough, you can press once and switch to level 2, continue do this, until you find the best heating level for your body.  You can wear it on from 5 min to 1 hour, max is 2 hour. normally 30 min is OK.