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UPSIDE DOWN PHOTOGRAPHS: With this crystal sphere you can take funky upside-down images. As light travels through the ball it is mirrored and warped making for unique photos. It brings a second eye for the beauty of the world.


It suitable for any professional camera, as well as the camera on your phone, even with a video camera.  


WIDELY USE: Works well for street and portrait photography also. As a must prop, it will turn any plain landscape into an aesthetically pleasing and well composed image.  Take care when using in sunshine, as being crystal glass, it does get hot, even burn.


MORE FUNCTION: not only use in photograph, but the crystal ball can also improve Feng Shui for your room, because it can bring in positive energy.


Also be used for meditation as it can provide clear light and harmony for your mind, to purify your mind & deliver calmness, create an elegant atmosphere for your daily life.


For decoration, the crystal ball itself also looks great perched in home or office shelf.  Of course, this is good prop when you want imitating the prophets to predict future.


NEWLY UPGRADED VERSION: Flawless & High-quality, no bubbles, no distortions, no cracks, or inclusions, no interprets the purity and lossless transaction for light


PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: 6 cm is the ideal size for holding in sole hand or a magic prop to explore the beauty


EXQUISITE PACKAGE FOR BEST DIFT:  Package including a 6cm/2.4” diameter crystal ball, base or stand, microfiber clothing, cleaning bag and the user manual. all these packed neatly into a stylish giftbox. 


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: In case you are not happy with your purchase. please contact us and we will refund you.


Package includes:

Clear K9 crystal ball, 60mm (6cm/2.4”) in diameter

ball base stand to hold in place whilst take snaps.

microfiber clothing

cleaning bag 

user manual.



Package size:

13.6 x 9.2 x 8.6 cm

5.35” x 3.62”x 3.38”


Weight: 481 grams. 


Free delivery
you will receive 1-2 days in UK, 4- 15 days outside UK.

Exclusive! Photography Crystal Ball, Improve Feng Shui & Decoration,Prophet Prop

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