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Brand new, direct from Canmake factory to get best price!

  • The five-color eyeshadow combination can create natural makeup and shiny eye makeup. 
  • It contains squalene moisturizing powder. 
  • The texture is fine and smooth. 
  • After makeup, it sticks to the eyelid and is not easy to scatter. 
  • The gem glitter in the middle can be added as much as you need, 
  • can easily make eye makeup with shiny effect or non-shiny eye makeup at any time; gem glitter can also increase the fullness of the lying silkworm position


  • Sweep the entire eye socket with Base color
  • Style 1/Style 2 Tone: Sweep on the crease of the double eyelid
  • Liner tone: Dark color as eyeliner
  • Topping Jewel tone: Tonal point with glitter particles In the center of the eyelids and the pockets.

02 Baby Beige Natural Brown☆
03 Happy Coral Coral Orange Brown☆
05 Pink Chocolate Pink Brown☆
07 Gateau Framboise Pink☆
09 Brown Orange Orange Brown☆
10 Sweet Flamingo Light Pink☆
11 Rose beige Rose Brown☆
12 Dreaming Flower Sweet Blossoms☆
14 Antique Ruby Classical Crimson☆
16 Double Sunshine String Eyes Brown Gold☆
17 Princess Bouquet Light Ripe Pink☆
18 Bittersweet Memory Soft Brown Red☆
19 Urban Copper Fashion Copper Brown☆
21 Strawberry Milk Mocha Strawberry Milk Coffee☆

☆ It is a product with glitter or pearl powder

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Japanese CANMAKE Perfect brown eyes multi eyes stylisty eyes eye shadow

PriceFrom £11,04
Excluding Tax |
  • Formulation: Pressed Powder

    Shade: Bronze, Brown, Gold, Green

    Volume: 5 ml

    Size: 30g

    Product Line: Bobbi Brown Ember Lights

    Period After Opening (PAO): 24M

    Brand: Eyeshadow

    Effect: Glitter, Matte, Satin, Shimmer

    Type: Palette

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