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  • Prevent hair loss and grow hair due to provide noutrition to head skin
  • Remove bas smell of head scalp
  • Reduce scalp effectively
  • Increase strength & volume for weak hair
  • Feel cool & comfortable after using


Main ingredients and functions:


- Pinux: scalp cell proliferation, keep oil and water balance

- Niacin amide: preventing hair dry or moisture loss

- Biotin: strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, good effect on skin and hair

- Portulacaceae : Dandruff improvement, scalp

- Menthol :  Fresh up & cool feeling



150 ml. Press to use


How to use:


1, Wash hair first, dry hair with towel

2, Press out some serum in a container.

3, Use brush to apply on the root of hairs, ie direct on scalp, not on hairs.

4, Keep serum on until next time wash hair, serum will be absorbed by head naturally.


PLASTOX Scalp Serum to Grow Hair & Remove Bad Smell & Scalp

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