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  • Stop loss hair immediatly
  • Grow hair quickly
  • Improve deteriorated scalp function to hold hair strongerly
  • Remove bad smell from scalp
  • Combining various fragant natural extracts to fresh you up
  • Wake you up if you have shower in the morning


• Main ingredients and functions:


- Pinux: scalp cell proliferation, balance oil and water

- Niacin amide: preventing moisture loss, 

- Biotin: strengthen hair, prevent hair loss



Capacity : 500 ml, use over 3 months



How to use :


1, Press out 3-5g shampoo on hand, like picture.

2, Add water and rub shampoo in hand to make out many bubble like pictures.

3, Wet the hair and scalp with warm water, put shampoo bubble on head.

4,  Massage evenly on the scalp with fingers for 3-10 min.

5, Clean with warm water.

6, Repeat the process next day, at least use 2-3 times a week.


PLASTOX Scalp Shampoo to Stop Loss & Grown Hair

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