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  • Gives radiance to skin
  • Reactive skin has lost elasticity
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Powerful whitening effect
  • Softening / soothing skin trouble
  • Suppression of aging and increase skin activity 


Main ingredients and functions 


- Nanozyme Q10: Increase skin elasticity, excellent skin penetration

-Pinux: antioxidant, anti-aging, brightening, collagen formation,

- Adenosine: Improved skin wrinkles


Amount :

28g * 5 Pieces individual packing in a box


How to use: 


1, Clean face first, it is better using exfoliating cleaner

2, Put on mask: Peel off the background, put the top part on forehead & nose first, then attach the bottom to cover mouth and jaw, last is put on two sides of face.

3, There is no preservative in mask, so can be used as a sleeping pack.

4, Next morning peel off mask,  do not need wash face, because it is an absorbable formulation, you can feel the moisture lasting until morning.

5, For sensentive skin, put mask on, peel off after 30 min, wash face and put moisture on.

6, Repeat use, once a day, you will see effect after 1-3 times.


PQ10 Hydro Gold Mask to Increase Elasticity & Whitening

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