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  • Gentally remove fat on face or body
  • Make face become smaller and younger
  • Manage the stretched areas in a resilient slim line


​Main ingredients and functions​


- Pinux: antioxidant, Whitening​

- Scutellaria Baicalensis Root extract : moisturizing, trouble-calming​

- Mate Extract: Reduces body fat​

- Green tea extract: White, antioxidant​

- Menthol: Muscle relaxation​​



150ml brown cream in tube, easy to use


How to use:​


1, Squeeze out an appropriate amount of cream onto hand palm.

2, Use hands to massage/ rub on face for 10 minutes.

3,  Can be used on jaw, neck, arm, leg, abdoman/belly or any place you want to slim.

4, You will feel cool because it has menthol ingredient which help muscle relax.​

5, Normally do not need to wash the cream off, but for sensitive skin, please wash away.

6, Repeat use, once a day, you will gradually see the slim effect after 1-3 weeks.


PQ10 Magic Slim Cream to Remove Fat on Face or Belly

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