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Best kitchen Helper!

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Vacuum can get rid of oxygen and bad substances in air around food, so let food can last longer.



  • Can keep vegetable and meat fresh 5-7 times longer than normal condition 
  • Lock the nutrition in food against bacteria.
  • Two modes: seal only and vacuum seal. 
  • Suit for dry stuff & things with moisture. Exclusive automatic inductor. 
  • Small Body & Light weight
  • Smarter design, USB charger


How to use:

  1. Open package box, there are 5 components inside: black machine, white USB line, extra black wire, white connector for other food container, user manual.
  2. Use USB to connect with electrical power, and charge over 24 hours to active the battery! Otherwise, machine have no energy to do the job. When you start use the machine, please continue connect with electrical power.
  3. Please see the last two photos in eBay for use instruction. Open sealer machine by press the buttons on both left & right sides. It need some strength.
  4. Put food in vacuum bag, which is different with normal bag. It has inner lines across the bag to let air come out. Do not put much food inside bag, please leave top at least 2 inch 5 cm space for bag sealer. It is better you press the bag to let most air out.
  5. Put down the machine cover ( but not close it), insert open end of vacuum bag to reach the machine’s bag clip. you can hold bag to adjust locations, make sure all open ends of bag are inside the circle of black foam which is vacuum area. (See photo 3) 
  6. Please notice, if machine cannot do vacuum, main reason is you did not put bag top on right place. Take out bag and put bag top fully touch the bag clips again.
  7. There are 2 signs of PUSH on the left or right side. Use your two hands to press down the cover, make sure your strength is exact on the PUSH sign, otherwise it is difficult to close the machine. you will hear Click sound when the machine was closed. 
  8. Press the [ Vac Seal/ on] button, you will hear a Beep sound, the green light on. 
  9. Machine will drain out air in bag, you can see bag become small. When all air has come out, machine will automatically stop removing air. Because we use high power motor, this process is very quick, only several seconds, the bigger the bag, the longer time.
  10. Machine will automatically start seal the open end of bag, you will see the red light on, this process will take several seconds. After completing seal, you will hear Beep again.
  11. Pull the Vacuum Releasing Valve on the middle to let air into the machine, then press the left and right size clasps to open the cover, then take out the sealed bag.It is simple and convenient!
  12. It is better leave 20 seconds to do the next bag, so machine has time to restart.
  13. If your bag is thicker, such as tea bag, foil bag, paper poly pouch etc., Long press the Vacuum Seal Button for more than 1.5 seconds, machine will enter model for thick bag. Leave 40 seconds to do next bag.
  14. After 3 minutes without operation, machine will automatically shut down with a beep sound.
  15. If you need vacuum machine and bags, please go to eBay ID


100% guarantee: if any problem appears, please contact us, we will provide a satisfaction solution.



Colour: Black



Item dimensions 

L x W x H       

35.5cm x 8.2cm x 6.5cm

14” x 3.2” x 2.5”


Weight: 640 g



Charge Voltage: 5 V

Charge current: 1A

Rated Ppwer: 50W

Sealing time: 6-15 second

Vacuum Pressure: -60 Kpa

Vacuum Rate: 3L/min


Free Delivery: 

Arrive 1-2 days in UK, 4-15 days outside UK

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