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AS SEEN ON TV 4 in 1 Tums, Bums, Thighs and Hips - 

The Ultimate Corset Wrap Slimming Recovery Bodice, 

The Ideal Gift For Postnatal Women & Any Women looking to LOSE WEIGHT AND GAIN CONFIDENCE


Brand New, direct from the manufacturer - please note this is for the skin coloured version only, not the black colour.


To protect our environment and save energy for our Earth, we try our best to reduce unnecessary packaging and also to reduce your postage costs. We send the item with only one outer plastic packaging, please explain this to your friends or family if you use it as gift. Let us work together to save our planet.


  • Makes you look and feel slimmer and sexier.
  • Effectively removes the visibility of cellulite and back roles.
  • Lifts the buttocks, flattens abs, slims waist and thigh.
  • Shapes your body into a slimmer figure.
  • Is strongly supportive but incredibly comfortable and lightweight.
  • Assists with support for back problems.
  • Is comfortable, discreet and only you will know you are wearing it.
  • Comfortable to wear on its own.
  • Flattens Tummy, Slims Thighs, Lifts Buttocks.


This is especially suited for women on a diet looking to get rid of extra tummy and thigh fat by wearing an under-the-clothes invisible diet bodice that gently promotes slimming without intruding in on daily life.


It is also very suited to ladies having just gone through pregnancy, stretch marks and fat under skin are hard to remove, so extra supports like this one are needed in conjunction with careful exercise. 


This diet support belt simultaneously works to reduce fat around your tummy, waist, thighs and buttocks.
It provides exceptional support when exercising or working during the daytime, but is also a great confidence builder as it makes you look and feel thinner. 
Size: M/S, or L/XL depend on your choice, suitable for most ladies due to its flexibility
Weight: 65 -85g
Color: skin colour
It is skin coloured and can be worn discretely under your clothes, so no one will know the secret to a new thinner you!


It's very light and comfortable but also very strong and supportive. It will also let you have full control of the balance between comfort and support.


It is important to keep fit because our body language will show our confidence and inner strength. In the past, ladies always had belts to help them stand in proper positions and maintain a good posture.

Seen as TV, Lady Slim Hip Thigh Wrap Shaper Pants, All Sizes Look Slim in Summer

PriceFrom £11,34
Excluding Tax |
  • Colour: Beige

    Department: Women

    Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

    Performance/Activity: Gym & Training, Running & Jogging, Walking, Yoga

    Fit: Slim

    Type: Leggings

    Vintage: Yes

    Occasion: Activewear, Casual

    Brand: h.i.p.

    Size Type: Regular

    Waist Size: Multiple

    Inside Leg: 26 in

    Style: Slim Pants

    Material: 100% Acrylic

    Compression Area: Abdomen, Thigh, Waist

    Theme: 30s, TV

    Features: Adjustable Waist, Anti-Microbial & Anti-Odour, Breathable, Comfort, Crop, Slimming

    Closure: Pullover