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[Best Bright Lighting]: Compared with the clunky fluorescent bulbs, LED ring lights produce continuous bright lighting, like in a professional photography studio. 
[Great Companions for Webcams] Widely used by YouTubers bloggers, and content creators, great companions for the webcams when taking part in meetings or attending job interviews.
[Multiple Choices]: Offer three custom lighting options (Warm Light-2600K, Cool White-4500K, Day Light-6000K) and ten brightness intensity levels. This all-in-one technology produce soft illumination and circular catchlights. It's also ideal for videos and vlogs, providing useful key light or fill to soften shadows and even out lighting when presenting to camera.
[Prefect for self-photo]: Upgraded Ring lights have flash and High-Speed Sync modes that boost their power by up to 500% (with no recycle time). This makes achieving that soft, even illumination with sparkling catchlights in your portraits easier than ever.
[Detachable Tripod Stand & Portable Bag] The ring light comes with a storage pouch, features a unique detachable ring light design that fits easily in your bag for travel. 
[Bluetooth Remote Control] Selfie ring light equipped with Bluetooth remote control, lets you control the phone easily while shooting photos and videos from distance. Android and iOS are compatible. The maximum distance is about 10m/33ft. 
[USB Powered]: USB cable works with most devices that support USB port, like laptop, PC, power bank, USB charger, AC adapter etc..5V input voltage with 2-meter-long USB charging cable.
[Adjustable Tripod Stand Height] Adopts quick-flip locks & weighted tripod base & superior aluminum alloy, this ring light tripod is stable and can extend from 17.5 to 63 inch. Upgraded weighted tripod base enhances stability, 1/4" standard screw at the top of the tripod allows you to use it as a camera tripod. 
[Rotatable Phone Holder]: The 360° Rotatable phone holder is spring-loaded and extends up to 3.6" wide, so it is suitable for most 4.5-7.5 inch iOS & Android devices.


How to use:

  1. Read instruction first
  2. Set up tripod stand and adjust height & distance.
  3. Connect & Install on the LED light on stand
  4. Put your phone in the clip, revise camera to face yourself.
  5. Use remote controller to adjust the light modes.
  6. Make a trial test video


Packaged in a box, including 7 components:
LED light
phone clip