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Dr. Rong’s Magic Stomach Cleansing Powder to Treat Constipation & Improve Long Term Bowel Function for both Men and Women


This product is suitable for children and elderly people with sensitive stomachs.


Unlike western anti-constipation medication, this medicine may not have such fast diarrhea effectiveness. However, Chinese medicine does not  only aim to cure symptoms of intestinal malfunctioning on surface, but works to improve overall intestinal health, strengthening the inner layers of the intestine and improving bowel functioning to achieve long term improvements in bodily functioning.


Each unit is a 4g pack of Dr. Rong's Magic Stomach Cleansing Powder and Comes with a Free Medicinal Spoon. If you wish to order a quantity greater than 1 unit please select from the menu above.



  • Helps those with difficulties going to the toilet
  • Reduces Stomach Pain 
  • Release bloated Belly
  • Works to reduce constipation
  • Strengthens the intestine to improve long-term bowel functioning



Rhubarb, angelica licorice and citrus aurantium


Principle Functions:

  • Gives patients more energy for both men and women.
  • Allows stool to leave the body smoothly through moistening the intestines.
  • Poor functioning bowel movements can cause undigested food to remain in the intestine for long periods of time, This drink can release toxins, eliminate belly bloating, and reduce above-average BMI (overweightness).


How to use:

  • Usage depends on the health of the individual. Normally Dr. Rong recommends that you take 1g (1 spoonful is 1g) each time and add hot water, stirring gently. then drink all of them.
  • Once the stool has been released from the body, cease taking the herbal medicine. If after 4 hours the stool still has not been removed from the body, take another spoonful (1g).
  • If you are sensitive to Chinese herbal medicine, it is advisable to take only half a spoonful (0.5g) each time.
  • This pack contains 5g, you can seal the bag and leave for next time usage.
  • This medicine can help to restore health and strengthen the functioning of the intestine, so you can take the medicine in the long term, each time a small dosage of half spoon. 


Medication Time:

  1. This medication is best taken on an empty stomach or at least half an hour to 2 hours before meals.
  2. After taking the medicine, it is best to wait at least 2 hours before drinking tea, coffee, alcohol and other liquids.


Dr. Rong’s Extra Note:

Maintaining a daily stool is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body. In order to improve the health of the intestine over a long term period, it is important to replenish the system by drinking water on a regular basis, maintaining a healthy diet by eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and avoiding spicy, grilled and fried food.


Description : This product is recognized by EU food regulations as a herbal treatment that is non-toxic and safe for all patients. All components come from Taiwan, which are 100% natural substances.


2. Good News:

Now we are happy to introduce this product, which is based on decades research by Dr. Rong  and has received praise from her patients due to its effectiveness and guaranteed safety. 

Stop Constipation & Toilet Trouble in 2 Days, Concentrated Herbs Tea Bag

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  • Type: Powder

    When to Take: On an Empty Stomach

    Active Ingredients: Chinese herb

    MPN: 03407387430890

    Item Weight: 4 g

    Brand: Dr Rong

    Scent: Herbal

    Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom

    Main Purpose: Aches & Pains, Bodybuilding

    Formulation: Herb, Powder

    Administration: Oral

    Features: Salt Free, Sugar Free, Food Grade, Natural, Organic

    Treatment: Toilet Difficulty

    Product: Bowel Cleanser

    Suitable For: Bloated Belly

    Purpose: Anti Constipation

    Metal: None

    Ingredients: herbs

    Dosage: 1 g per time