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Therapeutic Electric Heat Pad to Strength Immunity, Relief Pains & Relax, Power saving & Durable



  • Relief pain on sore legs, stiff neck or put on shoulder or back and let the heat penetrate muscles within 30 seconds.
  • Fast increase blood circulation and metabolism
  • Recover Strained Muscle: reduce inflammation and painful cramps.
  • Increase immunity for Winter Spring Summer Autumn if you use 3-4 pieces around whole body.



Health human being’s normal body temperature should be 36.537.1°C, but many old people or weak persons's body temperature is lower than 36.5°C, such as 36.1°C Scientists find: Increasing 1°C One degree body temperature, can increase 5 times (500%) more immunity!


So using our Electrical Heating Pad can help you become a healthier & stronger person! Heating pad can also effectively accelerate blood circulation and relief pain on any part of body.



  • Rapid heating: temperature rises quickly evenly distributed within 30 seconds, 
  • Multiple mode settings to choose 10 levels of temperature, and 10-90 minutes times. Normal temperature range is from 40℃ to 60℃(104℉to140℉).
  • Automatically shut down after the timer expires. Overheating protection function provides highest temperature is 70°C. very safe
  • PTC heating wire design can keep constant temperature, saving electricity power and durable for years uses.
  • Comfortable: high-quality double-layer flannel design, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable to use.
  • Washable: Remove the controller power cord, roll up the pad, put in wash machine, set below 30 ° C. Do not wash when it is heat, and not too frequently.
  • Large size can cover back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, and arms. 
  • 2.7m long power cord is convenient in every corner of room.
  • Best gift for parents, family and friends.