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Chinese Medicine, the alternative way to promote good health.

Brand new  without tags, comes with a disposable spoon and instruction letter.

This product is made from Dr Rong's Toothache Relief Formula


What benefit does Dr. Rong's formula have? 

  • Rapidly reduces & eliminates tooth related pain caused by Gingivitis, Periodontitis or allergies to hot, cold, sweet or sour foods.
  • Reduces and relieves swelling caused by chronic dental problems.
  • Minimises dental pain experienced after surgical dental treatment.


What is Chinese medicine?

Chinese culture and civilization has 5000 years of history, in ancient China Chinese Herbal medicine was widely used and scriptural records prove the early effectiveness of this natural treatment. Chinese herbal medicinal produce can be used as an anesthetic for toothache without the grogginess, tiredness and risks that come with western anesthetic medicines, what's more, this tooth treatment is also antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-parasitic, anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory.


What does Dr. Rong's formula contain?

Pure natural Chinese herbs, such as Wind Baizhi, Ginger Ale and Chuanjiao Drynaria .

All Our Chinese medicines are imported from Taiwan, 100% natural organic materials, containing no harmful ingredients.


How do I use my formula?

Quick way:

Clean hands, 2, use a finger to dip out some herbs powder, 3, put finger powder on the pain tooth and gum, 4, after several minutes pain will reduce or disappear.


Normal way:

1. Take out  a little bit of this Chinese herbs powder from bag.

2. Peel off one layer of cotton pad, make several small cotton balls. if you only one teeth ache, only cut into one small ball.

3. Drop little dab of water on a cotton ball to make it wet.

4. Put the wet cotton ball to stick on some herbs powder, then put it into mouth and paste on the pain teeth bed.

5. Leave paste on until pain disappears.  Usually after a few minutes it can already reduce pain, but you can leave it for a longer time, even leaving it on for a whole night as you sleep can help to increase effectiveness.

6. Take cotton out and gargle clean teeth with warm water.

7.If you accidentally swallow the powder, do not worry, all powders are edible natural herbs.

8. Seal well the the rest medicine in the bag we send to you, and leave it in fridge, in order next time you can use it or share with family & friends.

Tooth Pain & Swell? Dr Rong Chinese Herbs Help You Stop Pain at Home Quickly

PriceFrom £7,99
Excluding Tax |
  • Main Purpose: Aches & Pains

    Formulation: Powder

    Administration: Oral

    Type: Herb

    Features: Food Grade, Natural, Salt-Free, Sugar-Free

    When to Take: Any time

    Active Ingredients: Chinese Herbs

    MPN: Does not apply

    Ingredients: Herbs

    Brand: Dr Rong

    Dosage: 1g

    Scent: Blends

    EAN: 0601209112350


    From stomach ulcers to long term depression, the side effects of western medicine are often overlooked despite how detrimental to the human body they may be in the long term. This alternative homeopathic Chinese medicine focuses on the treatment of toothache without pharmaceutical medicine. 

    If you have no time to see a dentist, this is the best way to save money, time and your own discomfort.

    Dr Rong's Comments:

    1. Sachet is a 1g , that you can use about 3 times, depending on how severe the toothache is.
    2. If your toothache is very severe increase the amount and period of usage for more effective results.
    3. Expiry date: 12 months from the dispatch date. Please store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight, or in a refrigerator.

    Try it, you will find a good friend for your Teeth.

    Normally you can receive your order in 1-2 workings days after your payment in UK, 3-15 days in other countries.

    BUY IT NOW Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to look after your teeth.

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